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Dance Categories

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**Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Hip Hop routines must not contain more than three different acrobatic tricks during a routine. (1 point deducted PER JUDGE for each additional trick).

  • STREET JAZZ: Contains basic Jazz Technique but is danced to Hip Hop music. This is for the "in-between" Jazz & Hip Hop Danceform

  • TAP: Routine made up of primarily tap technique. No pre-recorded sounds allowed on track. (1 point/judge deduction)

  • JAZZ: A routine consisting of primarily jazz technique to upbeat music

  • LYRICAL:  Consists of jazz and ballet technique - emphasizing strength, control, and interpretation of music

  • CONTEMPORARY:  A fusion of jazz and ballet technique with a strong emphasis on modern technique and styles

  • HIP-HOP: Contains contemporary dance styles (freestyle, street dance, funk, music video type dances)

  • BALLET: Contains ballet technique while incorporating classical movements

  • POINTE:  Contains pointe technique and pointe shoes using classical music

  • CHARACTER BALLET: A routine utilizing majority of ballet technique to portray a character

  • CONTEMPORARY BALLET: Contains Ballet technique but the style is non-classical

  • ACRO: Routine made up of acrobatic tricks along with dance movement. At least 50% of routine must contain acrobatic tricks

  • OPEN: A routine that consists of any style of dance, or a combination of many styles. This category has no trick limitations. Ethnic Dance Forms can be put into this category

  • MUSICAL THEATRE: A routine that interprets a character throughout. Lipsync is permitted. Any form of dance is permitted

  • VOCAL: Routines must consist primarily of vocals. No microphones are to be attached to the Luv 2 Dance Competition sound equipment

  • SONG & DANCE: Routine must consist primarily of vocals and dance. 50% of routine must be dance. Back up vocals are permitted. Performer is to supply their own wireless mic(s) should they require one. 

  • MODERN: Routine must execute creativity and expression of music through modern technique

  • PRODUCTION: MAX of 10 min permitted for a Production piece with prop set up and exits. Any Large Group or Line routine utilizing sizable scenic pieces for choreographic impact or conveying a recurring theme through music or story may enter “Production”. Any Line containing 35 performers or more must enter “Production.” Routine may utilize Expanded Time if additional time is required

  • NEW!! PHOTOGENIC CATEGORY: Contestant must submit an 8x10 headshot to judges. Please have name, height, weight, and age written on back. A separate score sheet will be completed by each Adjudicator for each photo submitted.

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