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* This Event will take place on SATURDAY evening at 9pm for ALL AGES.

* Crystal & Titanium level entries will only qualify for this Event and will be combined for the "Glow Off" Event.

* Groups & Lines will only qualify to be in the Glow-Off and is EXCLUSIVE to Groups/Line Entries ONLY.

* A Studio must have a minimum of 10 Groups entered into the Regional Event attending to qualify for the Glow-Off.

* Top 3 Routines (Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines/Super Lines Combined) will be invited to Re-Dance to recompete in the "Glow-Off"

* Age Breakdowns for the the Glow- Off Event are as follows;

8 & Under
9-11 Yrs

12-14 Yrs

15+ Yrs

* A Maximum of 1 entry is permitted per studio in each of the above age breakdowns

* All Disciplines are combined for the Top 3 Standings to proceed to the Glow-Off

* Glow-Off Awards are separate from Overall Awards

*Awards/Adjudication for the Glow-Off proceed immediately after the final Routine Dances.

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